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Curriculum Vitae for Simon Whiteside

Name:Simon Whiteside
Job Title:CEO/Technical Director
Company Name:Simkin Solutions Limited
Languages:English, French (good), German
Contact:sdw [at] or use this form to contact me

Services Offered
I work on a project-by-project basis offering myself as a freelance software developer/programmer through my company, Simkin Solutions Limited.

I am an active member of various formal and informal networks of other software professionals, and can assemble a team qualified for most projects.

With a wealth of experience in Software Development gained over a decade, I provide my clients with:

  • Excellent communication skills - aural and written
  • "Can-do", self-managing, self-starting approach - which comes from running a business for over 10 years
  • Experienced with dealing with non-technical clients
  • Wide experience of the use of IT systems across industry sectors
  • Business and systems analysis skills
  • Full visibility of the development process
  • The ability to work to remotely with minimum supervision
  • An understanding of commercial pressures and an ability to deliver "on-schedule"
  • In-depth technical architecture, design and implementation of complex software systems
  • Understanding and awareness of a large range of software technologies, techniques and systems

I work mainly for clients in London and the South-East of England, but I am happy to work with businesses based anywhere in the world.

Key Technical Skills
Google FreeBase
Object-oriented design
Web Development
Windows SDK programming (3.0, 3.1, NT, 95,98,2000,CE,XP,Vista,7)
Android programming
PalmOS programming
Symbian OS programming
OpenTV SDK programming
Unix programming (Sun, AIX, Linux)
MacOS Toolbox programming (System 7-8.6, MacOSX)
OS/2 PM programming (1.3, 2.0, 2.1, Warp)

Developing and designing in the following technology Areas
Handheld device development :WML/PalmOS/Pocket PC, including connectivity with desktop and internet, Symbian OS, J2ME, Android

Win32 : SDK, MFC, COM, ATL, ActiveX, Internet Explorer SDK, MAPI, DirectX, DirectSound

Java : JNI, JDBC, Mail, LDAP, Applets, Signing Applets, JSP, Servlets, Swing, JavaCC, Java2D, J2ME, Velocity Templates, JDNI, Tomcat, Android

Javascript : advanced web scripting - including AJAX

C++ : Windows, MacOSX, Unix programming

PHP : object oriented programming with Smarty, Zend Framework, or our own PHP framework, web development or command line applications

XML :VoiceXML, SVG, J2ME, Xerces, Expat, JAXP, Simkin, Mozilla XUL

Multimedia programming : MIDI, Audio, Animation, Real Player and Server, Windows Media Player and Server, Quicktime API

WML :WMLScript

Content Management Systems :Our own PHP-based system, development of systems for clients using Velocity, JSP or Perl

Web site development :Perl, Java Servlets, JSP, PHP, HTML, Javascript, DHTML

Databases : Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL, including SQL and PL/SQL

Browser Plugins :Netscape Plugins, ActiveX, Java Applets

Language Interpreters and Compilers : JavaCC, Yacc, Lex

Development tools : designing source code browsers and debuggers, Dialog editors and visual programming environments

Internet Security: including Secure Sockets and encryption
Network Programming: at the TCP/IP level using C++/Java on Windows/Mac/Unix

Linux Administration: sendmail, mysql, ssh, ftp, x-windows, samba, tomcat, shell scripting

Music Notation Software: previously Team Leader at Sibelius

Cross platform libraries :Unix/MacOS/Windows/OS2/Windows CE/PalmOS

Games, Screensavers and Desktop Toys:for Windows/Mac/OpenTV

Game Engines : Windows, Java and mobile

Components : Java Beans, ActiveX, VBX and Windows controls

OO Design and Analysis : OMT and UML

Class libraries and frameworks :for Java, C++ and PHP

Object Request Brokers: including COM and Corba

E-Commerce: bespoke development, linking to PayPal, HSBC, PayPoint, SagePay, Protx, Triple Deal

Music Technology: DRM systems, music meta-data formats, streaming, downloading, converting, audio file formats, music notation file formats

Source Control: GIT, GitHub, Subversion, CVS, Visual Source Safe

Major Technical Projects

Current projects:
Meclec Job Management System (2022-ongoing)MeclecDevelopment of system for managing jobs for an electrical company (PHP/MySQL/jQuery/AJAX)
Meclec Job Sheet Android App (2022-ongoing))MeclecDevelopment of Android app used by electricians to collect information on the job (PhoneGap/PHP/MySQL/jQuery/jQuery Mobile/AJAX/)
Blancpain GT Series mobile app(2015-ongoing)SRO Motorsports / WhiteflameDevelopment of IOS and Android apps used to display information, news and results for international motor-racing events (PhoneGap/PHP/MySQL/jQuery/jQuery Mobile/AJAX)
Miomni/iPools Betting System (2012-ongoing)Miomni/i-PoolsDevelopment of online pool betting system exposed to multiple host systems via an AJAX/RESTful API(PHP/MySQL/AJAX/Simkin CMS/Opta and other Sports result XML feeds)
Berganza IOS App (2021-ongoing))Berganza / Gorilla WebDevelopment of IOS app used for jewellery shop - providing customer interaction, catalogue and e-commerce with mobile payments (PhoneGap/PHP/MySQL/jQuery/jQuery Mobile/AJAX/Apple Pay)
Berganza(2008-ongoing)BerganzaDevelopment of Jewellery website with customer e-commerce shop and back-office stock control system for leading jewellery shop in Hatton Garden, London(PHP/AJAX/MySQL).
Project Management System (2020-ongoing)Geotechnical and Environmental AssociatesDevelopment of a web-based project management system - to manage enquiries, project management and invoicing for company specialising in ground investigation consultancy. (PHP/AJAX/Simkin CMS/JQX Widgets)
Motor racing websites (2013-ongoing)SRO Motorsports / WhiteflameDevelopment of CMS and coding for websites used to display information, news and results international motor sports events - across America, Asia and Europe (PHP/MySQL/jQuery/AJAX)
Project Management System (2015-ongoing)ConstructureDevelopment of a web-based project management system - to manage enquiries, fee estimation, project management and invoicing for company specialising in structural engineering consultancy. (PHP/AJAX/Simkin CMS/JQX Widgets)
FIA ETRC Truck Racing Championship website (2016-ongoing)WhiteflameDevelopment of CMS and coding for website used to display information, news and results for European truck-racing event (PHP/MySQL/jQuery/AJAX)
Document analysis System (2014-ongoing)PöyryDevelopment of a system to identify documents based on criteria of interest.(PHP/Simkin CMS/HTML 5/MySQL)
Music Promotion System (2009-ongoing)Music HouseDevelopment of a music promotion and mp3 downloading system (PDF/PHP/AJAX/MySQL/Linux)
Funeral Director system (2015-ongoing)TW Fuggle & SonDevelopment of an online funeral management and invoicing system for funeral directors (PHP/MySQL/AJAX)
Bakery production system (2013-ongoing)Thoughtful Bread Company/Simkin SolutionsDevelopment of an online production management system for commercial bakers (PHP/MySQL/AJAX)
Jewellery Stock Control System(2008-ongoing)Diamantis InternationalDevelopment of web-based stock control and invoicing system for retail Jewellers including support for Point of Sale terminals, till receipt and barcode printing (C++/Java/AJAX/PHP/MySQL/HTML/CSS/Linux)
Shipping Tracking and Booking Systems(2009-ongoing)SpeditionDevelopment of site for booking and tracking shipments of goods to Russia (PHP/MySQL)
Content Management System(2006-ongoing)Flexible, modular content management system with e-commerce features. (PHP/MySQL)
A web site giving free listings for freelancers working direct with their clients. Designed and programmed the web site using PHP, MySQL, CSS and XHTML.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System(2009-ongoing)International Organisation DevelopmentDevelopment of a web-based customer relationship management (CRM) system for Development project evaluation and monitoring company (PHP/MySQL/HTML/CSS/Linux)
Raw Milk directory (2013-ongoing)Simkin SolutionsDevelopment of an online database listing raw (unpasteurized) milk producers (PHP/MySQL/AJAX)
Open Source Product:
Simkin Scripting Language
Lateral ArtsFlexible Open Source embedded scripting language used in Sibelius and Animals of Farthing Wood
Written in C++ and Java for Windows/Mac/Linux using Sun jaxp, Xerces and Expat XML parsers, Lexx, Yacc and Javacc. Ported to J2ME

Lateral ArtsPorting open source LibSecondLife library providing connectivity to SecondLife virtual world from C#/.NET to Java

Completed projects: (2012)PoliticsHome/DodsReskin of site with political surveys and news (PHP/MySQL/AJAX)
Political Survey and Articles Site(2009-2011)PoliticsHomeDevelopment of site for political surveys and news (PHP/MySQL/AJAX)
Lifestyle survey System (2010-2011)Opigram/YouGovDevelopment of lifestyle survey system (PHP/MySQL/Linux/Neo Graph Database/Google Freebase)
Image archive, order processing and website system (2011-2012)Bridgeman Art GalleryDevelopment of integrated system for image archive, including digital asset management, order processing, web services, website and e-commerce (SQL Server/PHP/MySQL/Java/Linux)
Image archive, order processing and website system (2010)Bridgeman Art GallerySpecification of requirements for an integrated system for image archive (SQL Server/PHP/MySQL/Linux)
Internal Intranet and public Website (2007-2020)File FxRedevelopment of existing dBase/Access-based intranet system for company specialising in information about the Creative Industry. Development of public website (PHP/MySQL/Linux/Smarty/Cake)

Holiday Lettings website (2017-2020)Direct Villa HolidaysImporting of 3rd party villa information via feeds (PHP/MySQL/JSON/XML)
Patent for Collaborative Creative Platform (2015)Our Lot StudiosTechnical advice for submission of patent for creative collaboration platform.
Intranet System (2014)Air Sea LogisticsDevelopment of a company intranet to manage appointments and internal documentation. (PHP/Simkin CMS/HTML 5/MySQL)
Email Dashboard System (2014)Air Sea LogisticsDevelopment of an email monitoring tool to keep track of the efficiency of processing incoming emails by the company. (PHP/Simkin CMS/HTML 5/MySQL/IMAP/Microsoft Exchange Server)
Device control web service (2014-2016)KobasDevelopment of local webservice to control peripherals for web-based hospitality software (C++, Win32)
Gateway webservices (2013-2014)MPWADevelopment of web services for use in a secure hardware-based network protocol.(PHP/MySQL/AJAX/C++)
Taxi booking system (2012-2013)TaxiCo Taxi Booking SystemDevelopment of a hitelabelled site allowing taxi companies to take online bookings via a website. Includes quotes based on distance calculations. (PHP, MySQL, Simkin CMS, Google Directions API)
Local File Access Applet (2014)Charterhouse TechnologyDevelopment of a signed applet with giving AJAX scripts on e-commerce website access to files on client's local file system.(Java)
Pure Tonic Event Management System(2013-2014)Pure Tonic MarketingDevelopment of a Web based events management system gathering event and sales information from Commission Junction and posting information to Wordpress websites and Facebook. (PHP/Simkin CMS/HTML 5/Commission Junction API/Wordpress API/Facebook API)
DNA-me (2012-2013)DNA-me/KIS HealthcareDevelopment of a website and associated systems for DNA testing for Ancestry service (PHP/MySQL/AJAX)
Project Design Guides(2013)Project Design Guides/GorillaProvision and scripting of Simkin CMS for Construction Industry Project design guides subscription website. (PHP/MySQL/Linux/PayPal Subscriptions)

Chazbrooks(2012)GorillaProvision and scripting of Simkin CMS for Guildford-based PR company website. (PHP/MySQL/Linux)

Insurance corporate website (2009-2010)Gorilla/EOS RisqProvision and scripting of Simkin CMS for global risk management, insurance and reinsurance company website. (PHP/MySQL/Linux)

Boiler Parts E-Commerce Site(2008-2011)IB3Development of CMS and E-commerce system. (PHP/MySQL/COM/SAP)

s[edition] Digital Art Web/Mobile E-Commerce Site (2008 - 2010)OccomediaTechnical architecture and development of an e-commerce/m-commerce for the sale of high-value original digital art (PHP/MySQL/Mobile XHTML/ API)
Groupware Document and Calendar Sharing System(2009-2010)International Organisation DevelopmentDevelopment of a web-based document and calendar sharing groupware system for use by United Nations (PHP/MySQL/HTML/CSS/Linux)
Website(2010)International Organisation DevelopmentDevelopment of CMS-backed website for IOD (PHP/MySQL/HTML/CSS/Linux)
Battery Monitoring Application(2009)LiFeBATTDevelopment of real-time battery monitoring application. The batteries are used in electric vehicles. (Java/Swing/RS232/USB/Serial)
Corporate Site for Mather Communications (2007-ongoing)Mather Communications (Ogilvy)Development of site (PHP/MySQL/Linux/AJAX)
Bookleteer E-Book Publishing System(2009)ProboscisDevelopment of e-book publishing system (Java/PDF/PHP/AJAX/MySQL/Linux)
Content Production System (2007-2009)World Entertainment News Network (WENN)Development of internal XML publishing system for leading international supplier of Entertainment news (used by Yahoo, MSN etc..)(PHP/MySQL/Linux/AJAX/XML)
Aircraft Travel Site (2007-2008)Football LimitedDevelopment of site for scheduling and booking of chartered aircraft (PHP/MySQL/Linux)

Media Bounty Website (2009)Media Bounty/Angel LondonDevelopment of vodcasting and media news website for startup management company (PHP/MySQL/AJAX/XML/RSS/Linux)
Firefox Toolbar(2009)FavyDevelopment of Firefox Toolbar for online favourites system (Mozilla XUL/Javascript/HTML/CSS)
Photograph Production, Delivery and Archiving System (2008)World Entertainment News Network (WENN)Specification of an internal XML photo production and publishing system for leading international supplier of celebrity photographs (used by newspapers, Yahoo, MSN etc..)(PHP/MySQL/Linux/AJAX/XML/IPTC)
Essex Electrical Group (2008)Morris and WinrowAddition of AJAX navigation and content areas. (AJAX/PHP/MySQL)

Photobox Uploader(2003-2008)Photobox
(case study page)
Support and development of Java Applet/ActiveX uploader component for imaging site (Java Swing/MacOSX, C++/Win32/ATL)

Corporate Website for GATS (2008)GATS/Angel LondonDevelopment of corporate website for an asset management company (PHP/MySQL/AJAX/XML/Linux)
TellJack Version 2(2008)Jack BrandContent delivery system. (Java/Adobe AIR)

National Olympic Bid Website (2007-2008)Client name withheldDevelopment of internal website used for a nation's bid to hold the Olympics (PHP/MySQL/Linux)
E-Commerce System for Antique Jewellery Retailer (2008)Berganza/UFODevelopment of bespoke e-commerce website for leading Hatton Garden antique jewellery retailer (PHP/MySQL/Linux/AJAX)
Custom XML Editor (2007-2008)New Media Boutique/
Life Fitness
Support and maintenance of customized XML editor for internal systems (AJAX/Javascript/XML)
Howto.Tv(2007-2008)Markettiers4DCWebsite showing videos on "How to" do various tasks. (PHP/MySQL/Smarty/Zend Framework)

Patent Insurance Website(2007)GorillaProvision, hosting and scripting of Simkin CMS for patent insurance quote website. (PHP/MySQL/Linux)

Technical Due Diligence (2007)Hicklin SladeEvaluation of technical system - integrating PHP with Sage Job Costing and Access
Corporate Site for Mather Communications (2007)Mather Communications (Ogilvy)Development of site (PHP/MySQL/Linux/AJAX)

TellJack(2007)Jack BrandContent delivery system. (Java/Adobe Flex/MDM Zinc)

Commercial Property Search Website(2003-2007)Serviced Office Search
(case study page)
Maintenance and enhancement of Java-based property search site, Javascript/AJAX/Java servlets/Tomcat/Velocity Templates/MySQL/PHP

Social Networking Site (2007)Client name withheldTechnical architecture and development of site e including text chat, video chat and e-commerce (AJAX/PHP/MySQL/Linux)

Movie File Uploader(2007)Take1ScriptsProvision and customization of Lateral Arts Java Applet Uploader for uploading large movie files for transcription service. (Java/Swing/Windows/MacOSX/Linux)

Samian Underwriting Agency Website(2007)GorillaProvision, hosting and scripting of Lateral Arts CMS for insurance company website. (PHP/MySQL/Linux)

VSL(2007)GorillaProvision, hosting and scripting of Lateral Arts CMS for virtual sales company website. (PHP/MySQL/Linux)

Private Equity Information Website(2005-2007)Incisive Media plcDevelopment of Private Equity information and statistics site for major publisher. PHP/MySQL

Alamy Uploader(2006-2008)AlamySupport and development of Java Applet and ActiveX uploader components for photography archive site (Java Swing/ActiveX) Music E-Commerce Site(2004-2007)Interesource
(case study page)
Development of music e-commerce system.
Velocity templates, Java servlets, MySQL running on Unix. Integration with 3rd party systems: Last.FM, HSBC CPI, PayPal API, Shazam, Yahoo Music, Digital Download Charts, MCPS, Matchday Media. Importing of Music from 3rd parties: Warners, EMI, Sony, BMG, CIS, Sanctuary, Rights Router, AIM

Tele-sales Food Product Information System (2004 - 2008)LeathamsSystem providing food product system to tele-sales staff of gourmet food supply company.
PHP/MySQL running on Windows

Hatton Garden Emporium(2008)UFOVarious website modifications (PHP/MySQL).

A&S Jewellers(2007)UFOSEO modifications (PHP/MySQL).

The GMax
Genetic Computing Consultants LimitedWebsite for information and downloads on Statistics application using Genetic Algorithms. PHP/MySQL

Longrange In SecondLife concert website(2006)Another DimensionDesign and production of website promoting an in-SecondLife concert by ex-members of Orbital

Clickz Website Marketing Awards System(2006)Incisive Media plcDevelopment of nomination and voting system for website awards. PHP/MySQL

Flirtnik On-line Dating (2004-2006)The Dating Game NetworkOnline dating service(PHP/MySQL/Linux)

"The Month" Digital Asset Management System(2003-2007)The Sunday TimesSupport and maintenance of Digital Asset management, workflow and approval system for "The Month" supplement, PHP/MySQL on Linux/Solaris

Java Uploader (2005)Warwick UniversityDevelopment of a Java Applet Uploader to be used in conjunction with University CMS. Written in Java/Swing for Windows, Mac and Unix

Insurance Directory Website(2005)Incisive Media plcDevelopment of Insurance Directory website for major publisher. PHP/MySQL

Times/iTunes promotional microsite(2005)News International/Apple iTunesPromotional microsite offering iTunes vouchers from the Times Newspaper. PHP/MySQL

Mobile Phone Scripting Language(2004-2005)EyemailCustomization of Simkin scripting language for mobile phone infrastructure. C++/Symbian

Text-adventure game(2005)Youthnet/HeavenlyDevelopment of a text-based adventure game, using Java, JSP, XML and Simkin

Password-protected questionnaire system(2005)Net AddressDevelopment of password-protected questionnaire system, using PHP, Apache Mod-Rewrite and MySQL

Work Ticket System (2005)South Herts Waste Management/
Work ticket and invoice creation for Sage.
PHP/MySQL running on Windows

Image Manipulation Application for the CopyCoder device(2004)RadiocraftDevelopment of image manipulation application for innovative "CopyCoder" optical device invention, using PHP

Smart Windows (2004)De-ConstructAddition of scheduling to skinnable media container.
C++/XML/Simkin on Windows

Smart Windows (2004)De-ConstructDevelopment of skinnable media container. Uses RFID tags to detect identities of passers-by
C++/XML/Simkin on Windows

Email Marketing Systems Consultancy (2004)Times NewspapersStrategic IT Consultancy on email marketing systems

Mobile Game
for J2ME MIDP (2003-2004)
Artificial Environments/
Lateral Arts
Java-based game for mobile phones

Photobox Mac Uploader(2004)PhotoboxDevelopment of Java Applet uploader component for imaging site (Java Swing/MacOSX)

Government Research Database
Sage AssociatesDevelopment database-driven site allowing searching for research programs by criteria - PHP/MySQL on Linux

Interact Exhibition System (2004)NGI Solutions/IgniusImplementation of a web and kiosk-based exhibition CD construction system (C++/Simkin/XML/rImage SDK/PHP/MySQL/Windows)

Artists Contact Database (2004)Wigmore Hall, LondonDevelopment of intranet system for planning performances by international musicians. PHP/MSSQL on Windows

Careers Wales
Careers Wales/IlluminaDevelopment of on-line webpage designer for young job seekers. Using Java 1.1 (FillMySpace builder)

Interact Exhibition System (2003)NGI Solutions/IgniusArchitecture of a web and kiosk-based exhibition CD construction system

Mobile Bristol
HP Labs, BristolMigration of Simkin to Pocket PC 2003. C++/Pocket PC 2003

Photobox Uploader(2003-2004)PhotoboxDevelopment of ActiveX uploader component for imaging site (C++/Windows/ATL)

Network Infrastructure Code Changes (2003-2004)TangoZebraCode improvements to internal C/Unix system components

Network Infrastructure Code Review (2003)TangoZebraCode review of internal C/Unix system components

Local Government Careers Desktop Toys
Sage Associates
/Employers Organisation
Development of Desktop Toys to promote careers site - C++/Win32 SDK on Windows

The GMax
Genetic Computing Consultants LimitedDevelopment of complex statistical package as a client-server application producing solutions through genetic programming, using StatTransfer, Java 1.4/Swing/JNI and C++/Sockets

Simkin Debugger(2003)Lateral ArtsDevelopment of a remote debugger for Simkin, C++/Java/Swing on Windows, Unix and Windows CE

Chat Server (2003)Speed GeekingJava/PHP based Instant Messaging (IM)/chat application

Accounts System (2003)Lateral ArtsPHP/MySQL based Accounting System

Work Package Management System(2002-2003)Lateral ArtsWork package and time-tracking management system, PHP/MySQL on Linux

"The Month" Digital Asset Management System(2003)The Sunday TimesDigital Asset management, workflow and approval system for "The Month" supplement, PHP/MySQL on Linux/Solaris

Interact Exhibition Application (2003)NGI Solutions/IgniusSkinnable touch screen application for exhibitions, connecting to a CD-Burner, C++/Access/Simkin on Windows

Mobile Game
for J2ME MIDP(2003)
Lateral Arts
Java-based game for mobile phones

Government Research Database
Sage AssociatesDevelopment database-driven site allowing searching for research programs by criteria - PHP/MySQL on Linux

Simkin for Java
Lateral ArtsPorting of Simkin for Java to J2ME MIDP

EPROM Data Gathering Application
Accoustic Management & Communication ConsultantsDesign and development of Windows application using C++ to download data from EPROMS using an RS-232 connection

Simkin for Symbian OS(2003)Lateral Arts/SymbianPorting of the Simkin C++ version to the Symbian platform. C++ on Symbian OS

Online Software Store
Lateral ArtsInstallation and configuration of OSCommerce E-Commerce system for a online software store, using PHP, MySQL and Linux

Young Offenders' Skillbuilder
Basic Skills Agency/IlluminaDevelopment of an extranet and on-line/off-line webpage designer for young offenders. Using PHP, MySQL, Java 1.1 (FillMySpace builder)

Mobile Bristol
HP Labs, BristolConsultancy on use of Simkin within mobile devices project. C++/Windows CE

Simkin for C++
for Windows CE
Lateral Arts/HP Labs, BristolPorting of Simkin for C++ to Windows CE

Content Management System (2002)Lateral ArtsDevelopment of a content management system offering permission-based browsing, submission and moderation, using PHP/MySQL

SmartBar(2002)Lateral ArtsDevelopment of a configurable Internet Explorer toolbar. C++/Simkin/Win32/Internet Explorer SDK

Unattended Downloader Admin System (2002)Push TVDevelopment of background data transfer, using Java Servlets/Tomcat/Simkin/MySQL/SQLServer 2000/C++ on Windows/Linux

Consultancy on Imaging Application
Photobox/Digital DreamConsultancy on design of imaging application using the internet for Windows/Mac

Searching Applet
ClarityDevelopment of a searching applet using JDK1.1 and Simkin

Statistical Application
Genetic Computing ConsultantsConsultancy on re-implementation of Visual Basic application to Client-Server using Java and C++

Unattended Downloader Admin System(2002)Push TVDevelopment of back-end for unattended download, using Java Servlets/Tomcat/Simkin/MySQL on Windows

Insurance Company Website(2002)Tonic Designs/Trafalgar Risk ManagementCompletion of a content-managed site using MySQL/Perl on Linux

"Nessie" Desktop screen toy (2002)TangoZebra/Scottish Tourist BoardDevelopment of desktop animated toy using C++/Windows SDK/DirectSound/MAPI on Windows

VAR Registration Form
Flare Imaging/Samsung ContactModifications and additions to website, using PHP and MySQL

Expanding banner Applet
Clarity/UIPDevelopment of a dynamic expanding applet banner advert using JDK1.1

Unattended Downloader(2002)Push TVDevelopment of unattended download application with restarting and bandwidth throttling, using C++/HTTP on Windows

Sound Analysis Tool
Accoustic Management & Communication ConsultantsDesign and development of Windows application using C++ to apply digital signal processing to audio files

Java Applet for Searching
ClarityConsultancy on restructuring and porting of an applet from JDK1.2 to JDK1.1

Skinnable Multimedia Player(2002)Push TVDevelopment of skinnable multimedia player using C++/Windows SDK/Windows Media/Real Media/Quicktime/ActiveX/Simkin on Windows

"Gnashers" Desktop screen toy(2002)TangoZebra/GenieDevelopment of desktop animated toy using C++/Windows SDK/DirectSound/MAPI on Windows

Java Tab Control (2002)Lateral ArtsDevelopment of a Java control providing a tabbed window compatible with AWT and Applets. Java on Windows/Mac/Unix

Uploader Applet (2002)Lateral ArtsDevelopment of Applet providing FTP-based upload and download to websites. Java and Javascript on Windows/Mac/Unix

Webcasting Server Components (2002)Concise Group/BroadshowDevelopment of components abstracting communication with a Windows Media Server and Real Server for a live conference web-casting system, using C++/ATL/COM/Windows Media Services SDK/Real Server SDK on Windows

Trading System Code Analysis (2001-2002)working with Evertrack LtdCode analysis and architecture mapping of large n-tier trading system for market leading corporation.
C++/VB/Java/Oracle/PL-SQL on Solaris and Windows NT

Interactive TV Game (2001-2002)Attic MediaDevelopment of a game for the OpenTV platform, using C/UIMS on Solaris

Computer Public Art Systems (2001)GreyWorldMultimedia C++ development on Unix for major world-wide public art installations
C++ using Suse Linux and SDL games libraries

"The People Versus" Website for Hong Kong (2001)Celador/MookDevelopment of small website for input of questions for chinese TV quiz game.
HTML, PHP, big5 and Unicode encodings, Oracle 8i, SunOS

Desktop screen buddy animations
Push Together/Jazz FMDevelopment of desktop animation and media player for Jazz FM, a major UK National Radio Station (C++/MFC/Win32).

Job Hunting Site
Corporem LimitedBug fixing and maintenance of a recruitment site written in PHP and MySQL.

Sound Analysis and Recording Tool
Accoustic Management & Communication ConsultantsDesign and development of Windows application using C++ to record and monitor waveform audio using "squelch" levels, and integrating with a GPS signal

Internationalization of Manuscript Scripting Language
Sibelius Software LimitedInternationalization and enhancement of Manuscript scripting language and development environment, including support for Japanese (C++ Windows/MacOs)

"Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" Corporate Extranet
Mook/CeladorDevelopment of corporate extranet using JSP, Java, Perl and MySQL.

A Major Industry Portal Portal Applets
Portal Name withheld at client's requestDevelopment of a Java Applet-based components communicating with back-end systems to display information for major oil industry B2B portal.

Web/WAP Game Development
Lateral ArtsDevelopment of WAP game using JSP, Java, Simkin and WML

RedFig Authoring Tool
RedFig LtdDevelopment of a Java Swing-based authoring tool, using Java2D, VoiceXML and SVG.

Herculeez Mail Server Administration Applet (2000)Herculeez plcDevelopment of a Java Swing-based Applet to administer a mail server.

Mail Systems for
(1999-2000) VisionWork on re-architecting an on-line webmail system. Back-end rebuilt using Java, XML, Java Mail and JDBC connections to Oracle/MySQL. Front-end work using Java Server Pages and Allaire's JRun Java Server.

FillMySpace Webpage Builder Applet (1999-2007)Lateral ArtsDeveloping/Programming in Java, Javascript, Perl,MySQL and HTML producing Applets and Website.

Scorch (1997-1999)Sibelius Software LimitedDesign and development of a Netscape plug-in for MacOS and Windows used in e-commerce applications to sell musical scores across the internet.
Also wrote a demonstration "Score Shop" using a secure server.
Written in C++ and Perl
Sibelius (1997-1999)Sibelius Software Limited International award-winning Music Notation processor.
Team-leader, architect and responsible for much of the programming: leading a team of 5 engineers.
Available on Windows and MacOS.
Written in C++
"Animals of Farthing Wood" (1996)BBC Multimedia/i.e.Interactive game engine used to produce a game based on well-known children's TV programme.
Contains multimedia elements, 2D sprite engine and scripting language.
Written in C++ with Windows SDK, WinG, Wavemix and Quicktime SDK
Lateral Arts Online Gallery
Lateral ArtsWeb site selling young artists work
Java, HTML and Perl Programming/Developing
DDE real-time feed (1996)DE ShawDDE-based system bringing real-time information from corporate data feeds to Windows application programmers using Visual Basic or Excel
Written in C++
Interactive Scatter Graph (1995)Telmar SystemsDevelopment of an interactive scatter graph for display of marketing data for radio advertising.
Written in C++
Drag and Drop Toolkit (1994)Lateral ArtsShareware release - Windows controls and subsystem for drag and drop. Currently version 1.
Written in C.
TRACK/4 Programming Environment (1993-95)Intelligent Office Company/Arrival Boss Ltd/Decision WorksDevelopment of a OO 4GL language with Visual Programming environment.
The language is very similar to Smalltalk in implementation, more like Java/Pascal in syntax. Ported to OS/2 Warp.
Written in C++.
Simkin Object-Oriented Language (1993-94)Portable interpreted OO language with simplified C++ syntax. Producing "byte-code", similar to assembler code. Includes dynamic garbage collection.
Code and class browsers in Windows and ported to Linux.
Written in C++
Dialog Editor Toolkit
Lateral ArtsShareware release - Windows controls for custom dialog editors. Currently version 2.
Written in C/C++.
NeWI Object System v4 for Windows/OS/2 2/AS/400/AIX (1993)Sofwright SystemsPortable Distributed Object Manager with cross-platform messaging and dynamic code loading. Remote messaging using TCP/IP, Netbios, APPC and ISDN.
Designed and implemented the system (now a product) as part of a team of 3.
Written in C.
NeWI Object System v.3 for Windows (1992)Softwright SystemsObject Manager System re-designed and implemented by me based on previous version on OS/2 1.3. Dynamically loaded class code with objects communicating via messages using a generic data packing mechanism.
Used for a Video Conferencing package including remote object messaging across NetBios and ISDN.
Written in C for Windows
Source Browser for NeWI Object System v2 for OS/2 1.3 (1992)Softwright SystemsBrowsed structured C code to produce GUI/based source browser for code written for classes supported by object management system.
Written in C++ for OS/2 1.3
Airline Ticket Proration Program (1991/92)Speedwing Logica/British AirwaysApplication displayed cargo journey, calculating proportion of fees payable to various carriers on the route. Part of the highly acclaimed COPS cargo system.
Written in C++ using CommonView GUI library for OS/2 1.3
Network Database (1990/91)Qubique SystemsCODASYL-style database in Basic/Assembler for Sharp IQ hand-held computer
Heat Calculation Program (1990/91)Qubique Systems for British GasProgram for Sharp IQ hand-held computer used by British Gas salesmen (C and Basic)
Hypertext System (1991)Essex University MScMulti-user collaborative hypertext system, written in C++ for Windows 2.0/3.0
Anthroposophical Society in Sussex (2017-2021)Anthroposophical Society in SussexSite for local group of anthroposophists (Wordpress)
The Christian Community in Forest Row (2016-2017)The Christian CommunitySite for The Christian Community Church (Wordpress/Facebook)
Academic Qualifications
BA Theology, Ministry and Mission (2019-2022)St Augustine's College of Theology, UK
MSc (Distinction) Computer Science (1990-91)Essex University, UK
MA Continental Philosophy (1989-90)Essex University, UK
BA(Hons) Mathematics and Philosophy (1984-87) - 2:1Bristol University
12 O'Levels (all A-Grade)
   2 S'Levels (Maths 1, Physics 2),
   5 A'Levels (Further Maths (A), Maths (A), Physics(A),
   Computer Science(B) History of Art(D))
Wellington College, Crowthorne, Berkshire,UK

Employment History
8/2000-now: Simkin Solutions Limited, London and Tunbridge WellsTechnical Director and Software Architect/Designer/Developer
3/1996-2010: Lateral Arts Limited, London and Tunbridge WellsDirector for online art gallery
1/1997-9/1999: Sibelius Software Limited, LondonSoftware Development Manager, Lead Programmer and Developer (C++ on Windows and MacOS)
5/1996-12/1996:  ie, LondonFreelance lead Games Developer/Programmer (C++ on Windows)
1/1996-3/1996:  DE Shaw Securities, LondonFreelance Analyst Developer/Programmer (C++ and Tcl/Tk on SunOS and Windows NT)
5/1995-12/1995: Telmar Systems, LondonFreelance Analyst Developer/Programmer (C++ on Windows)
5/1995-12/1995: Arrival Boss Ltd, HammersmithFreelance Team Leader (C++ on Windows, OS/2 Warp)
9/1993-5/1995: Intelligent Office Company, HammersmithChief Software Engineer (C++ on Windows)
3/1992-9/1993: Softwright Systems, LangleyAnalyst Programmer/Developer (C/C++ on OS/2 1.3,  Windows, AS/400, AIX)
10/1991-3/1992: Speedwing Logica, HeathrowAnalyst Programmer/Developer (C++ on OS/2 1.3)
10/1990-9/1991: Qubique Systems, WivenhoeFreelance Programmer/Developer ('C'/Assembler/Basic)
3/1989-7/1989: Jaguar Cars, CoventryFreelance PC Analyst Programmer/Developer (Clipper/'C')
10/1987-3/1989: Jordan and Sons, BristolPC Support and Programming/Development (dBase III/Quick Basic)
11/1983-7/1984: Hewlett Packard, WinnershTechnical Support for HP3000/1000