Welcome to Simkin Solutions

We are a small software development company based close to London, England.

We specialise in developing complex bespoke software systems, such as:

Thoughtful Bread Company - Bakery Production Management System

Web-based bakery production management system - used by bakeries to manage orders, delivery notes, schedules and recipes. This was developed in conjunction with a leading "Real Bread" advocate and artistan baker.

(PHP/Simkin CMS/HTML 5)
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Pöyry - Document identification system

R&D into a system to identify documents based on criteria of interest.

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Project Design Guides - Guide subscription website

Development of website for selling construction industry project design guides via paid subscription.

(PHP/Simkin CMS/HTML 5/PayPal subscription API)
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CharterHouse Technology - Local File Access Applet

Development of a signed applet with giving AJAX scripts on e-commerce website access to files on client's local file system.

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i-Pools / Stakes and Ladders - Pool betting system

Architecture and development of a pool betting exchange. This provides online pool betting whitelabelled into external websites via an AJAX/RESTful API.

(PHP/Simkin CMS/HTML 5/Opta XML Feeds)
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Pure Tonic Marketing - Pure Tonic Events Management System

Web based events management system gathering event and sales information from Commission Junction and posting information to Wordpress websites and Facebook.

(PHP/Simkin CMS/HTML 5/Commission Junction API/Wordpress API/Facebook API)
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Spedition - Freight Tracking System

We developed an in-house freight tracking system that is used to make bookings, and record the movement of goods.
Information is entered via email, or a web-based system from their various offices in Europe and Russia.


Other websites we maintain

Freelance Direct

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Raw milk supplier directory

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