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ActiveX Uploader/Java Applet Uploader Component

The Simkin Solutions Uploader Web Component provides you with an easy way for your users to upload files to your web-site via FTP or HTTP.

The uploader is currently used by Photobox, Alamy and Take 1 Transcription to upload hundreds of thousands of images movies or documents.


  • available as an ActiveX control or Java Applet - supporting most browsers and operating systems
  • uploads via FTP or HTTP
  • Skinnable and scriptable via XML/Simkin giving you a totally branded interface
  • Support for Drag and Drop of files and folders directly onto the component

Full Customization Service

The uploader can be customized to fit your needs, for example:
  • client-side image or file manipulation (image resizing, format conversion etc..)
  • additional meta-data collected via on-component forms, and integrated into the upload
  • full integration of the component into your website workflow - both front-end and back-end (e.g. uploading "job" files, contacting server-side scripts, redirecting to different pages etc..)

More Information

For information on the uploader please contact us.
We will be happy to provide a quote for the provision of an uploader tailored to your site's requirements.

Screen grab of Java Applet component running in Firefox on MacOSX