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Tunetribe Music Store

Site Description:

MP3/WMA download store, with content from major labels, and unsigned artists

Key Features:

CMS, E-Commerce, Digital Asset Management, Web Services


Java Servlets, Tomcat, Velocity templates, Java Applets, DHTML, Javascript MySQL, Apache, Linux

Our involvement:

  • From the ground-up - requirements analysis, technical architecture, prototype build, full system implementation.
  • Design of database
  • Implementation of multi-currency, multi-national e-commerce integrating with HSBC, PayPal and TripleDeal
  • Implementation of multi-lingual Content Management System (CMS)
  • Implementation of self-publishing site for artists and labels, including Java Applet-based music uploader integrated with Javascript and DHTML
  • Implementation of all back-end processes including ingesting XML music feeds from major labels such as Sony, Warner and EMI and reporting to rights bodies (MCPS) and Digital Upload Charts
  • Integration of Last.FM apis for music recommendation
  • Design of complex "proration" algorithms, including affiliate revenue sharing
  • Design and implementation of administrative interface
  • Design and implementation of digital asset management system, using SAN and NAS-based storage

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