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Search Office Space plc

Service Office Search Website

Site Description:

Multinational Serviced Office Brokers - public facing, extranet and intranet sites

Key Features:

Heavily SEO optimized broker site, with back-end lead management and invoicing


Java Servlets, Velocity Templates, Javascript, AJAX, Google Map API, Tomcat, MySQL, Apache, Linux

Our involvement:

Maintenance and enhancements
  • Took over large and complex codebase from initial developers
  • Transferred and rebuilt site in new hosting facility
  • Updated SEO features - including keywords, URL structure and PPC traffic monitoring
  • Implemented automated billing system
  • Continuously adding features to help keep site profitable in a fast-moving and competitive market

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"I find Simon very pleasant to deal with and his work is fast and of very high quality.
These two virtues rarely come in tandem - usually one or the other - how refreshing!
I would not hesitate to recommend his services."

Richard Smith, Director, Search Office Space plc