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Pure Tonic Marketing

Pure Tonic Events Management System

Site Description:

Web based events management system

Key Features:

Gathers event and sales information from Commission Junction and posting information to Wordpress websites and Facebook.


PHP, MySQL, Linux

Our involvement:

Design and implementation of the system (using Simkin CMS)

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Simon has been my go-to developer for over a year. As a previous web developer, I've worked with a lot of developers over the years and I know great code when I see it! Simon's framework he's built for my system is so robust and well structured that I have never had one problem with it. It runs flawlessly every single day - sending/receiving vast amounts data from various sources. What could be a programmers nightmare has been simplified and structured perfectly that adding new features is a breeze. Simon has built software so sophisticated and flawless that no one else in our industry can keep up with us. I have and will continue to, recommend Simon to anyone who needs top quality advanced web development.

Daniel Golding, Director, Pure Tonic Marketing