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Music House

Music Promotion Site

Site Description:

Music promotion site

Key Features:

Online music download and "reaction" for DJ's, back end system for production of record label reports, music uploading and email-shots


PHP, MySQL, Linux

Our involvement:

  • Complete reimplementation of existing site, using existing design but entirely new back-end and CMS (using Simkin CMS)
  • Addition of email-shots

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"We found ourselves requiring a new system being built and were extremely nervous about putting our trust and faith in someone both new to us and what we did. However, we couldn't have been more happy with finding both Simon and the team of people he works with. He has proved himself to be a irreplaceable team member and is like one of the staff, but just works from out of the office!"

"Our minds are truly at ease and the system which has been built has put us firmly in place for the ongoing digital music revolution we work in."

"If we require a meeting he is always available, otherwise he is always available on-line, even through school/family holidays."

"We couldn't be happier with Simon and his team having found him!"

Simon Walsh, Director, Music House