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Pool betting system

Site Description:

Pool betting system - shared between different "host" websites.
The first "host" system is Stakes and Ladders.
The system has a UK gambling licence, allowing players to pay to enter sports-related pools and receive payments from the pool, based on their scores .

Key Features:

  • Whitelabel system providing an API to a rich Javascript user interface.
  • Full backoffice to set up pools and manage sports results ingested via feeds from the Racing Post, Opta, the National Football league and other sporting bodies.
  • Pool scoring and prize settling algorithms to distribute funds to players.
  • An internal accounting system.



Our involvement:

  • Requirements analysis and specification
  • Technical architecture
  • Implementation of all i-Pools systems
  • Training and mentoring of inhouse IT team support the i-Pools system

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Being introduced to Simon was the undoubtedly the best thing that happened to our start up.

He has been thoroughly professional throughout our eighteen month build project and we have felt throughout as though he is just one of the team.

He is extremely knowledgeable, keeps things simple and transparent and always delivers the most practical solution. He always has one eye on future plans to ensure that we don't trip ourselves up later down the line.

As an entrepreneur building a start-up business, Simon has been extremely easy to work with, always available and on hand and I have never felt the need to ask questions about invoices (which sadly is a fact of life these days).

I couldn't recommend Simon highly enough.

Tristan Macdonald, Founder, i-Pools