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Music House

A lively music PR business, covering various genres of music.

"We found ourselves requiring a new system being built and were extremely nervous about putting our trust and faith in someone both new to us and what we did. However, we couldn't have been more happy with finding both Simon and the team of people he works with. He has proved himself to be a irreplaceable team member and is like one of the staff, but just works from out of the office!"

"Our minds are truly at ease and the system which has been built has put us firmly in place for the ongoing digital music revolution we work in."

"If we require a meeting he is always available, otherwise he is always available on-line, even through school/family holidays."

"We couldn't be happier with Simon and his team having found him!"

Simon Walsh, Director


Spedition specialise in transporting goods to and from the Russian Federation.

It is a pleasure working with Simon. He is very quick, reliable and always tries to understand the task before completing it.

Many times I had to set priorities which needed to be done ASAP and he never let me down.

Oleg Cihovskis, Shipping Operator


This is a specialist antique jewellery retailer based in Hatton Garden, London. Berganza are one of the world's leading retailers of antique wedding and engagement rings.

"Simon has developed an e-commerce and web administration system for us, under extremely adverse conditions."

"He has done this with a level of professionalism, speed and attention to detail that have been truly remarkable. He has also managed to keep his sense of humour throughout, which was an added bonus! I would not hesitate for one moment to recommend Simon to any potential client."

"He is hard working, thorough, clever and extremely efficient, he is also a pleasure to work with and a person you can be certain of, in uncertain times."

"We look forward to a long and productive relationship with Simkin Solutions."

Nina Lindh, IT Manager

Red Cow Media

SEO services for Berganza

I've worked with Simon & Simkin for 3 years now and he's been great! From an SEO perspective, he understands what I need the clients website to do and he always finds a way to develop the website to benefit both the user experience and help its online visibility. I've worked in SEO for 5+ years and Simon is one of the best developers I've worked with.

Phil Ditchfield, Digital Marketing Director


A company providing online pool betting for social gaming.

Being introduced to Simon was the undoubtedly the best thing that happened to our start up.

He has been thoroughly professional throughout our eighteen month build project and we have felt throughout as though he is just one of the team.

He is extremely knowledgeable, keeps things simple and transparent and always delivers the most practical solution. He always has one eye on future plans to ensure that we don't trip ourselves up later down the line.

As an entrepreneur building a start-up business, Simon has been extremely easy to work with, always available and on hand and I have never felt the need to ask questions about invoices (which sadly is a fact of life these days).

I couldn't recommend Simon highly enough.

Tristan Macdonald, Founder


Constructure is a structural engineering and design consultancy based in London.

We have worked with Simon at Simkin Solutions for the past 12 months, developing our concept from an initial brief into a well considered web-based application, which was rolled out to all staff only 4 months after development commenced. Testing and development has continued throughout this period with added features being implemented regularly.

Simon's attention to detail, and understanding of the brief has been key to producing what is now a very valuable and efficient tool, used in all aspects of the business running, and by all staff. We would recommend Simkin Solutions services to all, with the exception of our competitors!

Adam Harrison MEng, Director at Constructure

Pure Tonic Marketing

Marketing of music venues.

Simon has been my go-to developer for over a year. As a previous web developer, I've worked with a lot of developers over the years and I know great code when I see it! Simon's framework he's built for my system is so robust and well structured that I have never had one problem with it. It runs flawlessly every single day - sending/receiving vast amounts data from various sources. What could be a programmers nightmare has been simplified and structured perfectly that adding new features is a breeze. Simon has built software so sophisticated and flawless that no one else in our industry can keep up with us. I have and will continue to, recommend Simon to anyone who needs top quality advanced web development.


Incisive plc

"Thank you for all you help with this project our team have been delighted, this was one of the easiest set of awards they have run to date mainly due to the smooth running technology.
"The consistent level of contact and communication was helpful and appreciated."

Henry Perks, IT Director


Innovative digital agency. Recently acquired by Google.

"As always it has been a complete pleasure to work with you on another project. I must thank you again for allowing us to tap into your incredible experience and benefit from your positivity and creative flare."

James Booth, Director

Search Office Space plc

"I find Simon very pleasant to deal with and his work is fast and of very high quality.
These two virtues rarely come in tandem - usually one or the other - how refreshing!
I would not hesitate to recommend his services."

Richard Smith, Director


WENN are a leading provider of news and photos about entertainment and celebrities to the world's press.

"Our Content Management System was at specification stage when Simon came on board. This quite complex browser-based system needed to reliably manage content creation, compilation and delivery from our teams in London, New York and Los Angeles."

"Simon was personable, professional, reliable and quick to grasp the essentials and intricacies. He delivered on-time and on-budget. Plus he managed to keep his cool and sense of humour."

"We're looking forward to working with him on our next (even more complex) project."



Sibelius are the developers of the world's leading music notation software.

"We are absolutely delighted with the system you have developed. We can now process over 1000 orders in one day, when in the past this would have taken 3 weeks! This is a big win for our customers and employees. Thank you for your support and quick responsiveness to issues as they arose."

Adam Brown, Finance Director


This company maintains a comprehensive list of who's who in the creative industry in the UK and Europe.
They are widely used to source contacts for resourcing and sales by creative professionals.

"After working with developers who were hell-bent on completing a brief before billing and moving on to the next client, it was refreshing to engage with Simon on a more considered and evolutionary approach. "

"Simon adapted to our scale and understood our particular issues."

"We are now more responsive to customer needs and can sleep soundly at night in the knowledge that Simon fully supports and stands by his programming."

Richard Sutcliffe, Director


A leading political news aggregator website which is widely used within the "Westminster Village", parliament, political parties and beyond.

Simon has developed the new PoliticsHome news aggregation system from the ground up. News is a challenging and fast-paced environment, and the systems we are attempting to track it are complex and changeable - we are basically trying to organise and track the entire political blogosphere in live time!

I have been really impressed with his can-do attitude, working with a rapidly developing and difficult brief. His knowledge and experience gives a solid footing on which to try new innovations, and I am always confident that he will find a solution.

Personally, Simon is quite the philosopher - even tempered, intelligent and with a sense of humour. He is a pleasure to work with.

Freddie Sayers, Founder

International Organisation Development

Consultancy Company working with governments and NGO's particularly focussing on development issues.

"Simon has developed a number of complex tailor-made systems for us from scratch. "

"We have been continuously impressed with the speed, thoroughness and quality of his work. "

"He quickly understands our needs and is able to convert our ideas into systems and products in an incredibly efficient manner."

"Crucially, Simon is an excellent communicator and a real pleasure to work with."

Ronnie Macpherson, Consultant

Bridgeman Art Gallery

Bridgeman are a prominent image collection specializing in photographs of fine art and architecture.

They have an image library of over 500,000 culturally significant images that are used in books and documentaries all over the world. The BBC is a prominent one of their customers.

Simon has worked with The Bridgeman Art Library for over a year, developing for us a custom-made website, digital database and internal administration system.

He has been a real pleasure to work with - both in terms of the quality of his software and in his dedicated tailoring of work to the company needs.

In person he is friendly, very interactive and above all calm - a real asset in any IT project given how multifarious and changing they tend to be.

Victoria Bridgeman, CEO


"Aside from his advanced IT skills, Simon Whiteside's strong communication abilities ensure that he's always quick to grasp my needs.
What's more, he's a supremely fast worker who has never failed to deliver both on-time and on-budget.
Even better, Simon's enthusiasm for entrepreneurship means that he routinely adds value to my business by devising commercial ideas that are both relevant and smart.
Finally, as a particularly nice guy, working with him is a pleasure in itself."

Tim Benjamin, Director

The Sunday Times

Leading national Sunday newspaper for the UK.

"Simon was able to deliver what we feared was impossible: a custom built system to facilitate the handling of digital assets on an important project for the Sunday Times, within a 3 week window.
"I am so glad we chose the flexibility and personal service advantages that Simon offered over the off-the shelf configured products proposed to us by larger companies.

"We have just embarked on training external partners in using the system and have been impressed by the efficiency with which our practical requirements have been translated into easy-to-use functionality.

"I fully expect News International to continue to use Simon on this and other projects."

Kate Boughton, Project Manager (Deloitte & Touche)

Sage Associates

A successful London agency working extensively with government clients.

"Our experience of working with Simon has been excellent. The brief was clearly understood and the project implemented well within the deadline. I would not hesitate to recommend Simon to other design agencies."

Sue Bush, Director

Push Media

London-based digital marketing agency.

"professional, systematic approach. speed of delivery and ability to identify problems and potential problems quickly. you get what you pay for. knowledge base is massive..."

James March-Smith, Director

"I discovered Simon while looking for a bespoke in-browser solution which would allow our clients to upload media files to us over the web, regardless of their choice of browser or operating system."

"Simon understood our requirements well, and during the development and implementation process reacted and resolved to any queries in a clear, agile fashion."

"Take 1 Transcription now have a very robust solution that integrates exactly with our production system, and which has received many positive comments from our customers all over the world."

Charlie Evatt, IT Manager

Jack Brand

"We have worked with a number of freelancers and small development teams over the years and have found Simon to be the most reliable. He works in a timely fashion and doesn't over complicate things. He really is a valued addition to our team!"

Jason Nicklin, Director