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Simkin Scripting Language


Simkin is a high-level lightweight embeddable scripting language which works with Java™ or C++ and XML.

Simkin enables you to hand over control of part or all of your application to your users.

The language has been designed to be easy enough for non-programmers to use, and easy for you to supply a simple API for them to write to.

It could revolutionize the way your system gets developed - you provide the mechanism, others can decide the policy.

Simkin for Java™ and C++ is a free Open-Source product.

February 16th 2004:Simkin featured at

Richard Bloor from Symbian One, a site dedicated to Symbian, has written an article about Simkin.

You can now run Simkin everywhere:

On Symbian OS or Windows CE Mobile On Windows, Macintosh and Unix Desktop On Windows and Unix Server

Simkin has been used within applications on Symbian, Windows CE, Windows, MacOS and Unix.

Supported by Symbian
Supported by funding from HP Labs
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An Emerald Coolsite

Simkin is supported by Simkin Solutions a software company specialising in C++, Java and other web technologies.