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Bridgeman Art Gallery - Image Archive and Order Processing

Site Description:

Digital image and metadata management, searching, order processing, public facing website.
Bridgeman is one of the major global providers of images of cultural, historical and artistic interest to publishers and broadcasters.

Key Features:

Over 500k images, complex searching, lightboxes, integration with the SAP accounting system


PHP, MySQL, Linux, AJAX, Java, SQL Server, GIT

Our involvement:



Simon has worked with The Bridgeman Art Library for over a year, developing for us a custom-made website, digital database and internal administration system.

He has been a real pleasure to work with - both in terms of the quality of his software and in his dedicated tailoring of work to the company needs.

In person he is friendly, very interactive and above all calm - a real asset in any IT project given how multifarious and changing they tend to be.

Victoria Bridgeman, CEO, Bridgeman Art Gallery